Trading other peoples money – without FSA regulation (is it possible??)

Trading other peoples money – without FSA regulation (is it possible??)

I am an algo trader and I want to trade other peoples accounts and take a cut of the profit I make for them, if I dont market or set it up as a company am I allowed to do this?? I am allowed to trade family and friends accounts?? whats the laws on this?

Where does individual ‘Power of Attorney’ accounts traded by an individual fit in the FSA regulations — if at all ?

Can you avoid registration for managing money for friends and family if you charge them a fee?

Do you know anything regarding the exception if you run a ” private investment fund with 50 members or less ” ?



In the US, regulations differ depending upon the asset class you are trading. Stocks are regulated differently than derivatives, as an example (SEC vs CFTC, or, FINRA vs NFA) What asset classes do you wish to trade?



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