The Bright Spot on Hedge Funds News brought to you by the HedgeFundsX Group on LinkedIn

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2011)

The Bright Spot on Hedge Funds News brought to you by the HedgeFundsX Group on LinkedIn

We at the HedgeFundsX group on LinkedIn like to provide our members with different insights into the hedge fund world. Usually a lot of news sources focuses on the negative press that Hedge Funds receive such as insider trading and how the profit numbers might be going down at certain firms, but we wanted to give our members a chance to look at hedge funds from another angle. Take a look at some articles that showcase distinctive information but also take a lighter approach to the hedge fund industry.

As a recruiter I receive a lot of calls from students fresh out of school asking me what kind of experience or training that they need to work at a hedge fund. This is an article that gives insight into the field and should be passed along to any young student seeking a future career at a hedge fund.
**Hedge Funders To High School Seniors: Stick To Technical School

Good news in the New Year for hedge funds, it seems that more investors are planning to put more money into hedge funds in 2012.
**Attention Hedge Funders: More Money Is Coming Your Way In 2012

Citigroup has come up with a new way to help hedge funds operate more efficiently with a newly created model.
**Citigroup Introduces ‘Hedge Fund 3.0’

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I just wish more of them would fund at ARV
Not LTV but that’s ok after 24 Mo of them lending on LTV and
they start getting them back in foreclosure they will figure it out



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