My chat with Lightspeed trading about basic API equity trading and market data feeds for NYSE open book and NASDAQ and AMEX level 1

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2011)
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My chat with Lightspeed trading about basic API equity trading and market data feeds for NYSE open book and NASDAQ and AMEX level 1

Here is a chat I had with ‘Sean’ of Lightspeed. The API is very expensive to fund for access. Their rates for newsfeeds on American stock exchanges sounds affordable. Here we go:


Sean: Hello, Guest. How can I assist you today?

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Guest: Hello?
Sean: Hello
Sean: How can I help you today?
Guest: Hi sean i got loads of questions about Lightspeed for forex
Guest: ready?
Sean: We are just an introducing broker for Gain Capital
Sean: So if you have any questions regarding forex, I would contact them
Guest: do you have an API i can use as a gateway for executing trades?
Guest: so do you focus on equity, futures, options?
Sean: correct
Guest: let’s focus on these then
Guest: do you still have an api for these? can you support c++?
Guest: or even c#?
Sean: Api for just equities
Guest: ok, how much does it cost to access?
Guest: a month i guess?
Sean: Just for basic equities?
Guest: basic meaning?
Sean: Standard package is $20 a month
Guest: what does that give you? just ticks? what exchanges?
Sean: NYSE and AMEX level 1 and NASDAQ level 2
Guest: can i get nyse level 2?
Guest: how much per month?
Sean: You can get NYSE open book
Guest: is this part of the NYSE basic?
Sean: No it is an additional charge
Guest: which is what?
Guest: charge per month?
Sean: $65
Guest: sounds good? do i access through an api using something like C++ ?
Sean: Correct
Guest: how much is needed to fund an account to execute trades through this gateway?
Sean: Hold on one second please
Guest: ok
Sean: $27,500
Guest: so that is the minimum to get started?
Sean: Yes
Guest: ok that is helpful. thanks very much for your help

Sean: Anything else I can help you with today?
Guest: Can Canadians sign up for the market data feeds as discussed?
Sean: Do you live in Canada?
Guest: yes i do
Sean: Then we wouldn’t be able to at this time
Guest: would a US address PO Box work?
Sean: No it would not
Guest: do i need a social security number?
Sean: No
Guest: i need a physical mailing address?
Sean: We can open accounts for non US citizens but not Canadians
Guest: for the USA?
Sean: Yes
Guest: can british people sign up? do i need to live in UK?
Sean: We just cant open accounts for residents of Canada
Guest: so i need a british or american physical address? but po boxes will not work correct?
Sean: Correct
Guest: po boxes are no good right?
Sean: Right
Guest: ok thanks again

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