Euro-Crisis is just noise: BUY American!

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2011)

Euro-Crisis is just noise: BUY American!

Based on the data we’ve seen concerning the North American economy, the ice isn’t nearly as thin…and in fact it’s hardened remarkably and getting stronger.

Euro Crisis is just noice – BUY American

I argued vehemently early in 2009 to anyone who would listen (and some did), the stock might have been on thin ice, but the water was so shallow (valuations and sentiment so negative) that the ris…



i agree with you. Except Greece which has debt more than 160% of its GDP, other PIIGS countries is absolutely able to reduce their debt as long as politicians stops kicking the can down the road and place nation’s interest above their own political interest. It will take Europe long time to resolve this crisis. It’s painful, but resolvable.

What did USA lose more in this crisis relative to Europe? Nothing. US economy is stronger than EU, dollar is stronger than EURO. US banks are becoming bigger and European Banks smaller. US technology is still the best.




Yes. Europe has to write-off bad debt. Before they do markets there can’t function. If ECB were a lender of last resort, the damage to sovereign members could’ve been better contained – like U.S. – but it’s not so US$ rules.



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