Binary Option for quant development and quant analytics

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2011)

Binary Option for quant development and quant analytics

Does anyone know how well they predict market sentiment and which brokers offer an API interface to their platform?


There are interesting patterns on close higher/lower binaries for major currencies for example. I doubt if the can predict anything as they seem to use Black-Scholes model or anything of this kind. However the most fat things occur during news releases. I am not sure if it’s possible to get historical data for them though, but you may try using IG Markets + ProRealtime with paid subscription. Also I am not aware of any API provided by spreadbetters like them, but I might be well behind, so do your own search and inform us if you find anything please.


I’ve looked around and I have yet to find any broker with an API. To make matters worse, most encode their betting odds in flash making scrapping them for sentiment info that much more difficult.


Interactive Brokers have an API you can talk to for execution and price data.


Does IB offer binary options?


Not sure to be honest – I’m in the UK and only some things are available compared with the US… Later: I’ve just done a bit of investigation – they seem to offer Stockholm binary options, but I don’t know if they do VIX or APPL etc. I find them very helpful, so an enquiry on their site might tell you more…

I’m only trading stocks at the moment (LSE and CHI-X mainly), and researching traded options on LIFFE…



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