Best Hedge Fund Videos on Youtube.com

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2011)

Best Hedge Fund Videos on Youtube.com

Youtube.com is growing as a place where educational videos on hedge funds and alternative investments can be watched for free. What is the #1 most valuable video that you have found on Youtube.com so far related to hedge funds? If you don’t have just one give us links to 2-3 of your favorite videos or channels.

Thanks for the contribution, this should be a great collection of video links in a short amount of time.



While it’s not a “hedge fund video” per se. it’s words of wisdom from one of the most brilliant and fearsome investors. He didn’t come to be worth $9 billion from scratch for no reason. Ladies and Gentlemen, the great Carl Ichan:


\Awesome, thanks for sending over the link
Here is one of my favorites simply because it is not boring and it uncovers a reality of our industry. I don’t think that hedge funds selling is bad, at all actually but I like how he put together this piece. Most of us are not qualified to evaluate hedge fund investment pitches, unless you area manager analyst or CIO at a fund of funds, wealth management firm, or institutional investment management shop of some type: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ujZTWuW6Xc

It is ok by the way if these video suggestions are not always directly related to hedge funds as long as you explain the connection. For example capital raising in our industry is very challenging. During one of my training sessions I showed this video clip at the expense of being part of a movie on football it represents how hard you have to work to raise capital in this space. Every email, every day of following up, every improvement of your marketing materials, every phone call, and every lunch you schedule equals small progress…inches. Those inches gained daily is what makes the difference after a year of trying to raise capital and it is all those inches combined that can allow you to win by one inch in raising capital over your top competitor. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_iKg7nutNY


Here is our hedge fund youtube channel –http://Youtube.com/HedgeFundGroup



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