10 Fascinating Facts about the Fabulous Life of Hedge Funder Kyle Bass

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2011)


10 Fascinating Facts about the Fabulous Life of Hedge Funder Kyle Bass

Michael Lewis’ book, Boomerang starts at the home of Texas hedge fund manager, Kyle Bass. If you don’t know about Bass, you should. He manages Hayman Capital, and made a ton of money predicting the subprime mortgage crises. Now…


Does anyone know how much a “ton of money” is? Is it a ton of 20s, 50s, or 100s?


Read the book, it’s in there. The funny story is the guy actually made this bet… Had he been regulated, that would never have happned. Nor would the rest of the stuff. That’s one more lesson for Michael Lewis to write about.


zillions is a ton of money, relative of course to each individual.


Read the book and didn’t see a “ton of money”. What i read about was a guy similiar to what Peter Lynch use to do with companies who did foot soldier analysis of the mortgages underlining the financial instruments. And discovered the crap. Then said, “Wow lets short the crap”


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