Quant opinion: Has Goldman Sachs lost is magic touch? telegraph.co.uk

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2011)

Quant opinion: Has Goldman Sachs lost is magic touch? telegraph.co.uk

With forecasts of a third-quarter loss and exposure to a gloomy world economy, is all is well at the bank some love to hate ?


Seems that during 2006, 2007 and 2008 Goldman gave the impression that they were doing great. Yet in 2009, Goldman hit an ice berg (not sure whether it’s the same one that the Titanic hit), and found itself within a few millimeters of tansforming into a Lehman look alike. And quickly transformed itself into a bank, to be on the in with the Feds, you know, to exert pressure on them to bail out another loser (AIG thanks to Hank Greenberg).
So, Goldman accepted a couple of Billion of $$$ (untl they sort out things), and now they don’t like the new regulations, so they will transform back into a non bank.

They should be made to pay a fine of say $550,000,000

Lesson learned…..

Love to see Johnny Depp in a new sequel for the Pirates of Wall Street



The only way Goldman was able to make huge profits, is with it’s “Touch”, which with the new (more honest) regulations, their deceptive touch will not produce these huge profits.
Amazing, Casinos are better regulated than banks. Casinos can tell you their position at any given time of the day/night.

Question: Will Goldman’s CEO sell Goldman during the next 18 months ? or before the euro disappears ? Time for a golden parachute !



Goldman “sacks” USA financial stability 2008 and continuing….taking care of their own and the so called “best of breed”. AHs and big boys. BOYS of Wall st. W illegal help from paulson, geitner, bernanke & co. Snowed congress and robbed us all blind. I think they should be made to split up. Divest allassets and give back every DIME the profited on in every single CDS they had out when there was a counter party /client. Old chinese wall conflict of interest!!!!! Thst would prob cut our natl debt in HALF. Special rules for GS? Nahhhh the truth will b coming out for yrs to come…ask watch DYLAN Rhatigan. An ex colleague of mineand felliw smoker at mike Bloombergs company… I sold our system to hedge fund spin offs and the cantor fitz machine… Cds. Make them illegal. NOW



The people r too big to FAIL. But we need a leader like tony BLAIR and HILLARY. Or anyone w vision. And financial independence fr PACS. Pray for a team of men/women who dont come fr wall st or legal system. And see the truth. How things can be in thus world of blind pool terrorism, sneaky cells abd money or the tails wagging the dogs!!!we need leaders w vision. FAith. Guts of steel. Preferably someones who hv transcending pain/loss/ tradgedy/. And came our free alive and humble to gods grace. Ya like a mariano rivera type of person. Or jyst someone who listens keeps it SIMPLE and does the NEXT RIGHT THING. FOR THE GOOD OF all. Like robert kennedy bVut patiently and sans dad JOE. Is someone(s) our there willing to step up to to the PLATE?



Need to reign in the FED… Give longer terms to congress and or pres, remove special interest lobbys, NEW. PARTY. Center. Centralists. Who r u. R u there??run an elwction on FB. Lol. No really. No $ needed



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