Quant development: Want to learn Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University?

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2011)

Quant development: Want to learn Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University?

A quick reminder that your time is almost up if you want to enroll in the Stanford University online courses in Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning. The deadline is October 9th.

Note that the syllabus for the machine learning course includes support vector machines and neural networks, which many authorities believe are handy things for automated traders to know about!


Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Stupidity? That is the Question!




At the request of one of our loyal readers we’ve just opened up a new section on the Trading Gurus community forum devoted to Artificially Intelligent Trading. ¬†As other loyal readers will know, here at the Trading Gurus we…


I’ve signed up for both courses myself. An interesting educational experiment if nothing else, both for me and for Stanford! Apparently 135,000 people had signed up at the last count.

It seems Stanford recommend Octave for the machine learning course, and Python for AI.

Any thoughts anyone?

I’m taking the courses as well; very excited about it!


i am also taking the courses……it will be to see how much we learn and apply


it is going to be your fault. I thought you should be aware of that…


What is “going to be my fault” exactly?

135,000 people learning Octave and/or Python?

Anyone care to predict the drop out rate?

just wanted to thank you to bring it to my attention. I think I will have fun.

OK – Je comprends!

I’ve started working my own way through the Stanford AI course this morning. Interestingly their first example of “real world” uses of AI is “Trading Agents” in finance.

For more on this topic, including a highly entertaining video that covers lots of stuff apart from just trading agents, see:




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