Here’s a blog post from one of the developers of Oracle’s new NoSQL Database

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2011)

Here’s a blog post from one of the developers of Oracle’s new NoSQL Database:http://bit.ly/o1Ch1D

It compares the NoSQL Database to the key/value Berkeley DB it was built on. Lots of interesting technical details, including info on the API.

Charles Lamb’s Blog blogs.oracle.com

I’ve been watching the twitter-sphere for comments about Oracle NoSQL Database. There are a number of common questions and misconceptions floating around that I’ll address here: Misconception #1: “Oracle NoSQL Database is just…


I’d like to get comments from people on this – is Oracle’s NoSQL database really just BDB or something more?

Why did Oracle develop their own database instead of buying one of the incumbents with an installed base? Is it because Oracle doesn’t like open source anymore (anyone remember Java?)


Oracle likes Java, they just recognize that the purpose of their company is to make money, lots of money. 😛

With respect to this ‘noSQL’ database… is it a new product or an Oracle database with column data types?

Did a quick first blush skim of Lamb’s blog and it looks like a selected FAQ and not a really good product description.

Does anyone have a good link to something that is more technical/less marketing that describes this new and improved beast?



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