Do we dare to do it for quant development? Put our minds together and set up a work group to create really a great trading system..?

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2011)

Do we dare to do it for quant development? Put our minds together and set up a work group to create really a great trading system..?

We all have ideas and various experiences, and we all keep like our most precious treasure our performing findings.
So.. would we dare to do it?
We could set up a web work space in a form to be defined, and test all the ideas we all bring. at the end, all members of the group would receive the grail (well, if it happens to be one, that is…!)

I launch here a first few ideas:
1- we give ourselves a limited time to do it. say a few weeks
2- limiting the group members # in the hope of reaching a good group dynamic, and then closing the group
3- all comitting to keep the findings to ourselves; this to be as focused on possible on creating a rewarding system

These are just ideas,… feel free to amend, criticize, propose…!

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Here is the problem. Years ago once a year a group of top top traders would meet in a home in Fort Lauderdale and share their trading discoveries and methods. When they met there was no competition as all were successful. I imagine that you have a major break though and your on this site. Are you going to share that? I think that at the least you have to be among equals to share this type of information. If your working for a hedge fund you could not do it. If your successful you would have to sit through a lot of that does not work ideas which you have long ago tested. It does not seem to be workable at this level.


This is a worthy goal but nearly impossible because everyone has different personalities when it comes to trading – some short term, some (like myself) very very long term. some arbitrage, some trend, some countertrend, some pivot point breakout, some X-cover, some futures, some Fx, some stocks..


Try this, fly down to Hyderabad in India, then rent a serviced office and hire a couple of good developers for few months, start from raw data and don’t use any existing indicator or trading advice, crunch mountains of historical data until you figure out the price patterns or become Hindu, until you get great results or at least learn something new, I bet it cost less than $15,000 to produce ‘holly grails’.

The point is: start a trading research firm, it is the answer for your question.



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