Building a Cloud for High Performance Computing with OpenNebula

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2011)

Building a Cloud for High Performance Computing with OpenNebula

We have prepared post summarizing the main requirements that we have received from organizations building clouds for HPC environments, and the functionalities that make OpenNebula unique to fulfill these requirements.



Very interesting list of requirements.


I’m not sure I see the difference between using a “cloud” of HPC resources and buying time on some of the HPC resources at, say, a national lab. I mean, even if I’m sitting at a site with HPC platforms, I usually submit a job to some queue and wait for my results. Isn’t this just what the cloud is going to do for me?


Yes, this should be fully transparent to the end users. The virtualization of the computing cluster and its execution on a private cloud brings benefits on terms of flexible and elastic execution of cluster and high performance computing services on demand and while reducing the associated cost of building the datacenter infrastructure.



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