Trade a like pro quant or trader? Use IQFeed or NXCore for tick data?

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2011)

Trade a like pro quant or trader? Use IQFeed or NXCore for tick data?

My conversation with web chat at IQFeed support:

Bryan : Hi. Can I use this feed service from within Ontario Canada?

You are now speaking with Trent of IQFeed End User Sales.

Trent : Hello

Trent : Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have a high speed internet connection

Bryan : ok cool

Bryan : so i just use this price schedule to access what i want?

Bryan : http://www.iqfeed.net/index.cfm?displayaction=data§ion=fees

Trent : Yes, is there a specific software you are using the feed with?

Bryan : I am using an open source platform. They support you.

Trent : Interesting, never heard of them

Trent : I can post a link so you can do a trial of IQFeed

Bryan : ok. please do.

Trent : https://www.iqfeed.net/index.cfm?displayaction=start&promo=1996499

Bryan : also, what does the basic feed give? QFeed Basic Service?

Trent : All delayed data on the exchanges and over 500 market indices and indicators in real-time

Trent : Live news also and historical data

Bryan : similar to yahoo finance?

Trent : Similar but our data is streaming delayed, not end of day

Trent : I really dont know anything about Yahoo Finance

Bryan : how much delay is there

Trent : Its regulated by the exchange so it depends on which one

Bryan : what about NYSE, NASDAQ, or LSE?

Trent : LSE we dont have

Trent : NYSE and NASDAQ b/w 15 and 20 min

Bryan : ok

Bryan : do you have LSE?

Bryan : sorry i meant TMX

Trent : Yes

Bryan : ok

Bryan : so if i want tick bars, does your service provide? what is the higest frequency I could get?

Trent : With IQFeed tick is as low as we go

Trent : With our High End product NxCore i believe it goes to the 10 millisecond

Trent : And is the whole market streamed to your PC

Bryan : ok i guess I need to focus on nxcore

Bryan : what are the fees for that with the 10 ms?

Trent : Let me post the info and sales rep info for that

Trent : It starts around $1000 per month

Bryan : ok thanks

Trent : http://www.nanex.net/NxCore/NxCore.htm

Bryan : thanks for the info

Trent : no probem

Bryan : it was very helpful

Bryan : see ya!

Trent : later

Your party has left this session.


I was impressed but the NXCore seems more relevant but I don’t got $1000. Maybe in the future? But my trading platform is in Beta mode for NXCore anyhow.

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