Quant development: Parameters for automated trading strategies

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2011)

Quant development: Parameters for automated trading strategies

I am learning about automated trading strategies. As per my understanding the parameters used to build strategies are limited. Please let me know the exhaustive list of parameters used to build automated trading strategy for

a) Fx
b) Equity
c) Option


There’s no such thing as an exhaustive list of parameters when it comes to developing automated trading strategies.

You use your own creative ideas, followed by your own parameters.

If I may ask, how have you reached the conclusion that there is a certain limitation on the amount of automated trading strategies ‘used’ ?

The combinations available are virtually infinite. There is an endless pool of data that can be used as determinants in a decision making model, without even mentioning the infinite amount of available options when multiple parameters are combined.



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