Quant analytics: Automating Elliot Wave Principle in Forex

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2011)

Quant analytics: Automating Elliot Wave Principle in Forex

I have been stress testing Elliot wave principle on Major FX markets for the last 2 years and I can conclude that it really works most of the time. Currently, I am working on money/risk management system around it to make it robust. But I am finding it difficult to automate it. Any suggestions?

Also, I would also like to discuss about using the same principle on equities. The statistical significance of my back tested data were not very great so I am not proceeding further with my analysis. But one observation was clear that high volume stocks have higher statistical significance than low volume stocks as the prices can be manipulated. Nevertheless, I would appreciate if you have any ideas to refine this strategy.

Yes – Please look at MTpredictor.com (looks at tradable setups using elliott waves- for e.g. ABC pull back before Wave 3 advance) – I have been using the EOD version of the program for futures (including Fx futures) in 20-30 markets for years and the signals work very well – It comes with clear entry/exit/stop loss signals as well as money management techniques with specified R (amount risked per trade)



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