Forex Currency managers lack the flexibility of macro funds says asset consultant

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2011)

Forex Currency managers lack the flexibility of macro funds says asset consultant

Investors should be wary about investing in dedicated currency managers and look for more flexible alternatives, such as global macro funds, that have a strong FX flavour but can invest in other asset classes, says an asset consulta


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it’s group policy to move links to articles that require paid registration to read in their entirety to the Promotions section. Having said that, I also differ with the author’s perspective, because many investors seek a percentage of their risk profile to be in currencies, and they get that with a dedicated currency manager. Macro funds manage the portfolio weighting decisions for them, but therefore put investors at risk of not having sufficient diversification at all times. Currency managers have a great deal of latitude regarding pair emphasis and direction (long/short), so I think they provide a much-needed focus.



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