CEP – very much a buzz term at the moment. We hear a lot about the benefits but what are the limitations?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2011)
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CEP – very much a buzz term at the moment. We hear a lot about the benefits but what are the limitations?


I thought CEP was a buzz term five or six years ago and there were a lot of companies entering the market. Has something changed recently?


. From our perspective we’ve seeing lots recently about CEP in conjunction with trading technology and the ubiquitous ‘big data’. From a trade data standpoint the past few years has seen high frequency/low latency become the norm, with systems that execute hundreds of trades per micro-second. Our company tests these systems, and we’re exploring CEP as a means of providing real time analysis. Appreciate there are alternative technologies, would be interested in your thoughts here.


CEP is great at capturing high volume and high speed streams of events. It is then used for stream transformation, pattern matching, monitoring etc.
It is not great at handling large stores of historical data – that is better done in a database, ideally a column-based database. It will also not provide you with any kind of audit trail, which the database will provide. Many of the successful implementations that we have seen have implemented a two-tier (CEP and Dbase, sometimes in memory) or a three tier – CEP, in-memory DB and column-based VLDB. If you are involved in using this kind of technology in capital markets, you might want to read throughhttp://response.sybase.com/forms/CAPMKTS_Guides. It has a good collection of articles from analysts and customers as well as some product information.


My point is that CEP is a mainstream, including (and mostly) trading. AFAIU the term itself was introduced back in 2002. Here is a brief history of CEP:


nice overview of limitations – short time windows and lack of audit.



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