S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2011)

S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating

In your opinion, how does this affect the leading economies of the world and what will the effect be on currency and equities markets in the coming month because of this decision?


Standard & Poor’s rating agency served the Obama administration with notice Friday afternoon that it planned to downgrade the US government’s AAA credit rating, according to an administration official.


The downgrade is the “domino effect” that has been building since the financial crisis in 2008. U.S. and Euro..weigh out your options as an investor…which economy would you prefer to purchase their Treasuries? Will the Fed now come in and have QE3 then QE4….how long can the Treasury increase their supply of USD. Overall, the coming months…expect 2 things to happen…if the Fed comes in…and brings another stimulus…weakness for the USD..on a short term..if no resolve..we will see the USD..continually rise. The choppy ranges we have seen in the equity markets …will continue….this will be the new “norm” for the end of 2011 and 2012.


can you say OMG and actually believe it? this is a disaster and its obviously Congress’ fault. Just imagine how many portfolios will have to sell Treasuries because of the AAA clause and I m sure China is not going to stand by idly. Yes, US treasuries are still the most “secure” investment but people have to actually move back from their planet and join some of us on “Reality”.


I believe all that is happening is being carefully orchestrated so the prominent families can increase their positions in world dominance, I know that may sound off the wall like a conpiracy theory fanatic, but I can’t help but think this based on the domino effect that has been happening around the world. One crisis after another leads me to believe there are forces at work behind the governments and it all comes down to money and assets. Babylon the great has fallen, the shameless luxury and fine silk and gold will be stripped away, the kings and the merchants will stand by and let it happen. This has to take place and will take place. So the question is who is Babylon the Great? Here’s a clue it’s not the kings or the merchants. because they standby to watch. So when this takes place some group will have more gold and assets than the Kings and Merchants hmmm who could that be? Now what group or organizations have killed in the name of God (no matter what name they use) and have sins amassed to the heavens and have shamless luxury and fine linen, silk, gold,and assets that are not Kings or merchants? Let the one who has reason, reason. What does this have to do with the credit rating? Well if there is not going to be a stimilus by the FED then how will they get paid back? Credit rating drops debt ceiling is close to getting hit again so the money has to come from somewhere and one of those somewheres is babylon the great. The people will be outraged and their will be a great tribulation that no man has ever seen. when this occurs the confidence of the people will be none and currencies will be worthless and the they will throw their Gold and Silver in the streets (because they will be worthless). Impossible you say. If there is nobody to buy gold and silver then it will be worthless. Of course this wont happen right away it is building up to that. So the best asset to hold right now I think is the US Dollar for the short term against the EURO and the Yen, but the right assets are food(dehydrated), water purification system, Solar panels survival of the fittest. India, China have the right idea with solar energy right now. Look at Nasa’s website at their solar storm predictions and see what they say about 2012 and electricity. This will happen, wait until the signs of assets being confiscated and Taxation of Religious organizations.

In the next month expect the Dollar to rise against YEN and Euro dramatically. Equities to fall sharply s&P could hit 1025 50% retracement from 2009 low to high. Especially with debt concerns and credit rating drop, 2nd recession is likely, this will occur to get the majority of people to want a regime change in America and to be fearful and look to someone that can be a savior(and they will say who can do battle with the beast and they will worship the beast and receive it’s mark on their forehead{where thinking comes from-not to be taken literal} their thought will reflect the way the beast wants them to think and believe). The majority of people will have faith in their government to pull them out of the tribulation and pride of nation will be prevalent hmmm sound familiar. Those with this number on their forehead represent the nation (the World)not God a seperation of people is taking place now that’s why people preach the truth about God’s Kingdom so their hearts are judged.

In any case this is our future in a nut shell, sure there will be oppurtunities to make crazy dough but that will be short lived, so get in get out buy survival items and altenative energy options for your home to be prepared for a great depression oops I mean reccession no I really mean great tribulation!


Q4 to Q10 – how is this being financed? Is the US now tapping Fort Knox to finance a direct investment for increasing the growth in their economy? It would be about time and at the same time stopping with their being neglecting $ policy (that nobody believes – if you see against CHF and other currencies). The entire global asset allocation is under turmoil. Any QE means more money and CRA’s are downgrading investment opportunities. Whats left – stocks of good quality run corporates! Commodities in a recession will go down!
Take the liquidity out of the market – then the investing problem is solved and the economy will grow when brought in balance.


you forgot to add farmland to your list but gold being worthless not sure about that forecast !!!???



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