September Quant Meetup, where and when? I need input as renewal from Meetup fast approaching

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2011)

September Quant Meetup, where and when? I need input as renewal from Meetup fast approaching

I hope you all had a nice summer. It seems we had a good number of learning sessions in the past few months about quant. I am hoping you are optimizing what you are learning. As for September, new members have come to me expressing a more ‘let us talk shop’ approach about quant. I do realize there is a very broad range of people either learning, who are experienced, or just wanting to invest into some new venture. It seems it might be wise to have such a session very soon.
As you know, we have set aside the first Tuesday of each month at the North York Library for this but some members work during the day, work downtown/uptown, etc. I think we need to figure out what we want out of the group.
I have posted a survey in the past regarding all of these queries but I will open it up for our newer members as well to have a chance to vote. Please visit http://www.meetup.com/quant-finance/polls/ as these help me figure out what people want. If you have suggestions, please post at http://www.meetup.com/quant-finance/messages/boards/
There is an outstanding Meetup we have entitled: Let’s discuss what we want out of the Group.
As you can tell, this meetup is all over the place so let’s use this one as the next get together. We can discuss what the topic will be if it is more social or networking as mentioned above. It seems that the educational sessions will be harder to find proper presenters for these. The only ones I can think of are vendors for tools/platforms in the world of quant. As for timing, it seems the majority will not want these during regular working hours as many members do work including myself so we need to keep these during the weekday evenings.
It is very critical to hear from you all to figure out our next session. I also want to let you know I need 2-3 weeks in advance lead time if we continue using the North York Civic Library like in the past.
Please let me personally what direction you want to go by emailing me, posting on the message board, etc. This helps me figure where to go next with this group. I am faced with a whopping $70 bill from Meetup for the next 6 months to keep this Meetup group going so do help me out.
Big thanks
P.S. MY Linked In group is getting lots of recruiters and senior quants, so if you want to join please visit at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Quant-Matlab-C-C-Java-3427378

Posted at: http://www.meetup.com/quant-finance
Note this is local to Toronto only!

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