How Google ranks Adwords with Quality Score? Source is explained by Google itself

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2011)

How Google ranks Adwords with Quality Score? Source is explained by Google itself

I may start my first campaign with Google Adwords but this was explained by a fantastic Google Adwords consultant. It seems if you spend $3 for a click and your campaign gets a quality score of 1-10, you multiply the 2. For example, you spend $2 a click with a quality score of 7, you get 15. So if you get a competitor willing to beat your total, they will have to spend more money per click but Google does remember the history of your quality score over a few months. So if you initially have a higher quality score historically, you can maintain your positions. Even if you drop your daily budget for your campaign, you can still maintain the history of your quality score. Confused? So was I.

Actually, if you also are willing to spend more on your daily budget, you can improve your quality score as you get more traffic. I am talking about keywords for my niche which does not generate a lot of traffic. If you spend only $10/day, you get a much lower quality score versus if you spend $100/day. As you get more traffic you increase your chances of upping the click through rate as well which your quality score is measured.

Google Policies are very stringent. The consultant said that Google wants only family friendly sites on the Adwords platform. They don’t want arbitrage that affiliate marketers use by redirecting to another page. They also don’t like those quick rich schemes as well. Those days seem done for any internet marketers.  No firearms as well.  So they only want quality product on the Adwords platform.



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