Does anyone have experiences on ANFIS for intraday trading?

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2011)

Does anyone have experiences on ANFIS for intraday trading? What are pros and what are cons? I think this methodology may be suitable for not very High- frequency trades (in minutes frequency).


• I have a lot of experience with ANFIS, but like any tool, you need to have an appropriate problem for it solve, in a ‘robust’ way. Rather than simply deriving outputs from various inputs, you should understand what is driviing price behaviour and see what alternative methods can be used, as well as used as a bench mark against performance of an ANFIS model.


Yes, I agree with you that you must have a preprocessed and preselected inputs. I am not a big fan of Neural Network with many inputs. My questions are, for a trading strategy try to catch 1 minutes to 15 minutes momentum, what should I pay more attentions, member functions? or optimizations for weights? I personally have been using econometric models for median frequency trading. However, to expand to more areas and capacities, I am looking at more technical tools. Do you have any advices? Thanks a lot.



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