Did America export too many jobs overseas to the Emerging World? Resort to “How to be Rich” by billionaire J Paul Getty?

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2011)

Did America export too many jobs overseas to the Emerging World? Resort to “How to be Rich” by billionaire J Paul Getty?
I think they did. Globalization does not work. If you were born in a Western country, you may have seen your quality of life suffer in the last twenty years. If you don’t notice, well you were either a self made billionaire who can buy hospitals or are some kid who does not know what it meant to have a doctor look at you accurately after waiting for 5 minutes in their clinic? Has things got better? Are you still making the same amount of money you did twenty years ago? Is your job stable today as it was 25 years ago? If you answered any of these honestly, you can see my point. People living outside of the West have flourished at local’s expense. Why did governments and corporations allow this? They are short sighted and don’t care about you or your family’s situation or future. Yesterday, America was on the brink of financial disaster. They still are. That is a sad statement. It is time the government and corporations brought back the jobs. Screw the export excuse of how the economy will suffer. Are we not all suffering as it is? Your house is probably lost much value; your poor kids cannot afford college, etc. So how are we better off?

For the positive:
John Paul Getty was the first worlds billionaire thanks to being a wild catter out of Texas. He lived the American dream. He might have been ruthless but I can tell you, he also believed in fair pay so that his employees (thousands of them) could enjoy and contribute to their local economies. He was also the first on the planet who believed in vertical integration for his business. It worked at the time.

Check out his bio and be inspired that few people talk about.:


This is my plan.


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