A Good Strategy: Multiple “Autobots” with different personalities

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2011)


A Good Strategy: Multiple “Autobots” with different personalities.

I have found it successful to have multiple ATS’s (Autobots). I suggest a minimum of 3. I use A.. “BullBot” B. “SidewaysBot” C. “BearBot” D. ‘VoliBot”. Obviously, they reflect different market conditions. I put them in during different market “Moods”. Anybody else have a good strategy?


I completely agree that strategies which are optimized for difference market scenarios need to be placed in a portfolio together. What is your method of allocating between the strategies?


I completely agree too.
This is a way to achieve a good diversity in a portfolio. I’m personally using 2 auto traders. One is a “day trader” the other one can hold positions for several days.
Regarding allocation, I consider the 2 strategies as “one”. I’m doing statistics on the 2 strategies and on the 2 combined.
The results show that the drawdown, logically, increase just a little bit. The profits are way better with he combination of the 2 strategies!

You can see the results of this in the PDF posted on this page:http://www.pipcandy.com/index.php?id=65



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