use Ninja Trader or Trade Station to trade Oil, Russell and S&P with the fastest execution spee

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2011)

Hello, Which is better to use Ninja Trader or Trade Station to trade Oil, Russell and S&P with the fastest execution speed possible to eliminate or reduce slippage as much as possible. Thanks.
It’s not so much the software as it is the data feed, and you close proximity to the exchanges – which is going to depend on which markets you’re trading. I’d suggest using NinjaTrader with the Rithmic data feed if you’ll be trading futures.
ninja is faster connection but your stop orders sit on the platform not the exchange just so you know. XTRADER is the fastest platform out there….
You need to co-lo whatever system you decide upon to reduce latency and increase effeciency.
If you are going through somebody’s router you are going to be slow. you need a co-located server and somebody who will sponsor your access and get an ilink. that way, you will direct connect and minimize latency…..otherwise, you are a customer.

i can help.
For the retail trading both NT and TS are ok. All of the comments above are for the algo trading which may not be what you are after.
There are other platforms that are as good or better for retail trading, you may want to check with your broker or FCM for recommendation.
As far as I know, NinjaTrader is not a broker (but an interface to other brokers). That in itself might increase latency. Anyway, your speed will depend on the specific broker, so compare access to their servers [with TradeStation, if that’s what you’re considering].
Ninja is faster with the right feed. If you use the Trading Technologies (the fastest) or Zen-Fire/ Rithmic (close second) and compare super dom against the Matrix in TradeStation you will visually see the difference. You can test this at any time. You will see Ninja update faster. Also the stop orders are sent directly to the market. It is the OCO logic (used for ATM strategies / Bracket Orders) that is kept on the platform.
aren’t you confusing data feed with execution? Of course you [or your algo] need to “see” the data before sending orders, but asked specifically about execution speed, which otherwise has nothing to do with your feed.
Also, if you are able to actually see the difference between two feeds, than you have one feed [at least] which is very slow.
I am not confusing them at all. Ninja has faster data (so you can make your decisions faster) and faster execution. Zen-fire / Rithmic and most Trading Technologies installations are co-located at the exchange (equinix data center) with fiber optic cross connects. That is the highest level of connectivity that the CME Group and EUREX offer.
Are you doing algorithmic trading? Or point-and-clicking? Or trading spreads where your platform sends a new order on getting a fill?

If you are manually entering orders, I wouldn’t worry about colocation, execution speeds or the like.

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