Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2011)
  • @ForexRobotsCom I can only alpari as my broker? #
  • New blog post: MQL4 for MT4 Metatrader YouTube video to get you started http://is.gd/LMHiSY #
  • New blog post: Metatrader are so easy to work with. Got something and running very fast! http://is.gd/FJd1DE #
  • New blog post: Bye Ninja Trader, you were not fun to play with http://is.gd/Himhkx #
  • New blog post: MT4 (Metatrader 4) is very powerful and easy to use http://is.gd/K8FIij #
  • Premium post: Crazy returns of what we report on the best stocks for TSX, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and LSE http://is.gd/PSsgT6 #
  • New blog post: Development forges ahead for MT4 and MQL4. Forex robot? http://is.gd/ojUP6w #
  • New blog post: Metatrader 5 MT5 no use for Canadians as they only use MT4. Not impressed with Alpari http://is.gd/2VHnH7 #
  • New blog post: ATT Quants: I have been playing with Metatrader 5, MQL5 is very similar to C++ http://is.gd/joJ8Nk #
  • New blog post: Funny? Google Plus brings in much more traffic than Facebook. Bye Facebook? http://is.gd/FKGPKJ #
  • New blog post: 100 Followers from Twitter. Is that a new milestone? http://is.gd/AnUGzk #
  • New blog post: The Euro vs. the Deutsche Mark http://is.gd/lh4dkg #
  • New blog post: Free Finance eBook [ Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function ] PDF Version http://is.gd/nWNyUq #
  • New blog post: Complete Hedge Fund Training Online (Only 156 Spaces Left) http://is.gd/Mz8JSj #
  • New blog post: Best Youtube channel for Metatrader MQL4 and MQL5 and Forex trading http://is.gd/IivFVh #
  • New blog post: Screw Ninja Trader and Tradestation, it looks like Metatrader MQL4 is the one to go with!! http://is.gd/teU8Lo #
  • New blog post: Why would a Canadian use Tradestation and pay $250/month to trade futures? http://is.gd/KPQI2p #
  • New blog post: Excellent Tradestation Easy Language tutorial videos on YouTube http://is.gd/yuaRxa #
  • Premium post: Jul 7 top stock picks for TSX, ASX, and LSE. Deeper stock equity analysis than you know. http://is.gd/rfTvI3 #
  • New blog post: Who uses cloud computing for their R calculations? http://is.gd/AygJr2 #
  • New blog post: July 18. Comparing distributed databases with the London Cassandra User Group. Free talk. http://is.gd/7eD7Xr #
  • July 18. Comparing distributed databases with the London Cassandra User Group. Free talk. http://is.gd/Qv8BB0 #
  • New blog post: BigData : How data distributed in Hadoop HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) http://is.gd/TrVlQT #
  • New blog post: Has anyone seen this video about traders? http://is.gd/t6IN94 #
  • New blog post: Free webinar: Cloud Computing – revolutionising the delivery of FX trading applications http://is.gd/a0j4QZ #
  • #quant World's best explanation on summation for us idiots learning math: World's best… http://goo.gl/fb/cvFlL #
  • So I am supposed to run in around in the streets naked once I hit 100 Twitter followers? I am so confused #
  • World's best explanation on summation for us idiots learning math http://is.gd/CVGd6H #
  • New blog post: Welcome to our first Newsletter edition of our QuantLabs.net Premium Membership Services http://is.gd/si9IKp #
  • New blog post: New Twitter Feed added for our Premium Membership users. All posts are here. http://is.gd/rv5SLo #
  • Premium post: Here is our focus for stocks found NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX on Jul 6-2011 http://is.gd/ceLd07 #
  • Premium post: Here is our focus for UK stocks found LSE on Jul 6-2011 http://is.gd/Qjlhry #
  • New blog post: So who is interested in our stock picks for today? http://is.gd/CKh3hh #
  • New blog post: Goodbye R!! I removed it from my system as it is just plain weird. Back to Matlab I go! http://is.gd/pYuoeO #
  • New job posting, Java assignment for Open Source Project, Remote http://is.gd/WRRfaP #
  • New blog post: I am developing a custom model which is a forex robot based on volatility and Bollinger bands http://is.gd/rYdXln #
  • New blog post: Papers related to high frequency trading strategies based on technical analysis, anyone? http://is.gd/t43WPq #
  • New blog post: Favorite Hedge Fund Wokshop or Conference? http://is.gd/fCSbEx #
  • New blog post: Intoducing Hortonworks – The Next Generation of Apache Hadoop MapReduce http://is.gd/DGKCuZ #
  • New blog post: Selling signals in quant development or trading strategies http://is.gd/yrInqj #
  • New blog post: Simple automated trading strategy or EA that would help new traders just starting out in Forex? http://is.gd/fy1GIV #
  • New blog post: EDUMobile continue spamming Linked In!!! EA, Sony, Disney, Warner and Vodaphone support these spammers http://is.gd/ZMbmFP #
  • New blog post: Neural Networks in Swing Trading http://is.gd/UbwUxc #
  • New blog post: I am wondering how many people uses Maple the computer algebra system? and where http://is.gd/zYHhWu #
  • @enthought sorry just my useless 5 cent view http://myloc.me/liQPg #
  • New blog post: Hooray! Our Quantlab.net Premium membership back in action today despite Jul 4th holiday in America http://is.gd/uuy26x #
  • Premium post: Test my premium http://is.gd/T1XLyH #
  • New blog post: I have posted the hottest top 20 stocks for the London Stock Exchange LSE http://is.gd/KNKMe9 #
  • New blog post: I have posted the hottest top 20 stocks for the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX http://is.gd/KkodS4 #
  • Premium post: Here are the hottest Top 20 TSX stocks from Toronto Stock Exchange http://is.gd/tVNVSg #
  • Premium post: Here are the hottest Top 20 LSE stocks for Jul 4/11 http://is.gd/XveOYI #
  • New blog post: So I am not the only who questions these junky files at Quantcode.com http://is.gd/pLriLi #
  • New blog post: A reason why Matlab is a smart choice over open source like Octave, R, Scilab, or Numpy/Scipy ? http://is.gd/TETKWE #
  • New blog post: How can we find cointegrated stocks(historical prices) using R or some other equally good language. http://is.gd/kEjpke #
  • Beware. Spammers may be dormant on this list again. I will ban if you post something that is not related to quant…: http://lnkd.in/ma26Bg #
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