Quant development: I am working with a client who’s back up data is encroaching on 1 Petabyte.

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2011)

I am working with a client who’s back up data is encroaching on 1 Petabyte. Can anyone share with me current solutions that can do this as well as any solutions that can increase efficiency?


I would be interested in this as well, scaling tape systems to backup this volume of data is very expensive and difficult to maintain. We are looking for a cost effective solution to actually be capable of getting data back in a reasonable amount of time. (Which is another reason tape is good for deep archive, but not necessarily bringing back 100s of TBs of data)

• Yes… but as a consultant, I like to get paid… Marty, let’s still grab lunch next week and see what comes out on this discussion. It will be interesting. I think I will make it the discussion of the week and put it as my pick….


Curious to understand why you haven’t asked this question of your current storage vendor?

I have asked a couple of storage vendors – but I know that someone out there is more creative than using the ubiquitous tape library.



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