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I need mentoring. I am a well-educated professional looking for a skilled adviser in the financial sector (hedge funds, investment banking, corporate finance, etc.).

Same here. Chicago and Chicago area
I’d be more than happy to help. come check my professionally moderated chat out at….in addition there is a good chance that over the fall I will be opening up a hedge fund to new investment something to think about if your eligible.
probably better attending industry events, where professionals actually, or visit bars/restaurants nearby
just like bars arent good for picking up the opposite sex im skeptical about their success rate for picking up fin. professionals
If a person has nothing good to say – it is better not to say anything.

Please stop being negative.
i didnt know i was being negative …. my apologies
explained well that he meant no harm. But in the meanwhile you have shown the strength of character, which should serve you well.

I do turnarounds and restructuring, mainly for distressed entities. This field forms a small niche in the corporate finance world. If speaking with me could assist you, email me at, and we can set the time to speak this weekend.

how about this rally on our hands breaking 1325 SPX to upside is quite bullish 1330.52 resistance
One of the greatest ways I saw a young man get a job in Boston was he asked around what bar the head of trading for the 2nd biggest buy side firm in Boston hung out. The young man went there for days, waiting for the trader to appear, he didn’t know what the trader looked liked, asked the bartender to point him out. The trader was holding court with 7 sell side guys around him and 2 other buy side guys. The young man walks into the middle of all of them, interrupts the conversation and introduces himself, the trader says who the hell are you?! The young man said I’m the guy you’re going to hire to be a trading assistant. The place went dead silent, then the trader starts laughing hysterically and says kid you’ve got balls, I like you. Come to my office tomorrow at 1pm and we’ll talk. The young man did and the trader got him a job on the sell side and that young man went on to make millions as a sell side trader. Never underestimate the untradtional approach
I didn’t mean go to a random bar next to a bank and try to pick up people.

I was talking about events like this:

So, if you can not afford the £2,300 entry fee, best thing is hang around the venue at the end of the day and see where everyone heads off for a drink. And join in the convo, and just tell them who you are and what you do
The higher the better 🙂

John – Great story, will pass to my son who is heading to Scottsdale with his recent BBA and a prayer.

Thanks for taking the time to tell that story.

Also, thanks for your good wishes.

FYI, the reason I placed this ad here is that the objective of Linked-In is
precisely “business” networking as oppose to social networking.

I am in the process of re-doing my resume; when done I will send it to you
and I would appreciate if we can talk based on that.

Thanks again. I will contact you soon via your private e-mail.

If you feel like doing self-reading in the field of investments there are hundreds of great articles on the subject in these sites:…

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