Need to convert from TradeStation to a more robust platform to trade automated at many different fcms.

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2011)

Need to convert from TradeStation to a more robust platform to trade automated at many different fcms. I am cta and cpo that currently run a very successful pool. Want only to port software once.
The question is do I prepare program in c# or ninja script and then write to various API or do I buy another platform that can accept inputs from excel or vb? Any suggestions as to where to start. Also has to be able to be hosted by third party so need to worry about security
Really depends on what shortcomings you are facing in tradestation. We haven’t personally tried tradestation. But before you port, I’d recommend reading about the different available platforms like Ninja, OpenQuant, Right Edge etc. Each one has some positives over the other and each one has some down sides too.

Btw if its just Excel, IB and TT provide a mechanism to do that through VBA macro development.
We work together- www.microstructure-research. these off the shelf platforms are not great but depends on your strategy objectives.

If you are already using Excel or VB I would simply suggest using an API to connect and skip using / integrating a new platform altogether. I know and have worked on numerous Excel based strategies which connect directly to the FCM via an API and this cuts out any integration with a specific platform which then allows the user to be able to port their strategy to any FCM (if you use say FIX or other widely used API).
Try Multichart, you will love it if you are a tradestation fan. I used Tradestation before and I had problem moving on to other software. I don’t wish to rewrite the indicators and strategies. Multichart can import most (At least 80%) of my indicators from TradeStation. At the same time, it can transmit your orders to a few brokers. Hope this can solve your problem.
3 hours ago

I would suggest Mechanica or tradingbloxx.
A logical first step would be to check if your needs are provided by Multicharts … If not, then you will find the product that incorporates the features you need …

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