modeling in sas

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2011)

modeling in sas

Having more than two models testing the same thing and i want to check if the the models are the same. that is if y1=a1+b1x1 is not different from y2=a2+b2x2. is there, there an option in sas that can check whether a1=a2 and b1=b2 simultaneously without testing their intervals differently

I don’t exact command/reference in SAS, but technique which helps you to know whether two models are same or not is “ANOVA”, in R programming, you can use it as anova(test1model, test2model).

Hope, my two cents help you.


am sorry taking too long to comment on your comment, a i know, ANOVA test whether a model is significantly important (R-square and F value). but my problem is that i have tow different models both significantly important according to ANOVA but i just want to know which is better among the 4 models i have. do i need just to look at the largest R-



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