Journalists needed for financial trading site

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2011)

Journalists needed for financial trading site
I am in the need of content writers/journalists for my website which is on the blending of technology and financial trading. The site is doing well but needs improvement with better content. As a result, if you write or have an interest in these topics, please apply at:
You will find more details about the position at this link.
Also, please send in the message box a sample posting we can put up to test your writing abilities. I will give full credit for your work. Best performing postings will become part of my rotational writing staff.
I definitely respect your privacy in terms of not releasing your info to anyone.
Lastly, poke around the site https://quantlabs.net/blog or http://quantlabs.net/labs to get feel on the site topics. There is no need to provide me topics about financial credit or debt resolution as the site is nowhere close to that. There is a stock news section though.
Thanks for your interest

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