Automated trading with Neuroshell Trader

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2011)

Automated trading with Neuroshell Trader

I am interested in NN software, especially Neuroshell, which is the market leader. I realized though that the auto trading options are rather limited.

Can anybody share with me experiences? Does execution work properly?


Please let me know once you try. I am building my own neuro platform in Java , I am thinking even openqaunt with their language/library to reduce time.


I have Neuroshell – autotrading with Interactive Brokers is a built in feature. I also use a proprietary solution for MT4.


Will you develop networks from the scratch or use some interface? I am not a developer so I depend on a software like Neuroshell. There are also several add-ins available which add different NN models and other pattern recognition methodologies like cluster analysis.


Very interesting…where did you obtain the interface for MT4?

Autotrading via MT4 would solve a lot of issues.


Have you looked at CoolTrade Software? Fully automated trading software. Go to www.robotictradingsystems.com for more details. CoolTrade is connected to 9 different brokers including E*Trade, TDAmeritrade to name a few. Worth a look.

13 days ago


Can anyone share their experience working with Nueroshell Network, Is it worth spending time (Yup, market leader and successively and consistently winning awards as best NN). What is the average holding period and expected return? I heard that while returns are good in Backward testing , returns are poor when WF analysis is done. Is Tradecision good substitute to it? OR given the reputation of software and some committment from our side, is it worth spending time and money on Neuroshell?


I was able to test Neuroshell and it in my opinion it is worth its value. As I mentioned in my first post, the auto trading capabilities are limited.
NS is a tool, not a system. One can built systems very easily using NN and optimization.
It has a indicator library which is very extensive. There are also add-ins with more neural networks and other methodologies like cluster analysis, Noxa, Jurik indicators etc.
I don´t know Tradecision but got to know TradingSolutions and I didn´t like it though the NN capabilities are richer than in NS.However, NS provides additional NN as add-ins.

The models I developed in NS are extremely profitable in back testing and forward testing, but I was not able to paper trade this in an account due to the difficulty for integrated trading. It is really a question of knowing to apply properly the testing capabilities in order to create systems which work in real trading.NS allows to use paper trading and trading in order to evaluate the potential of a system.


Thanks for reply. Time is constraint but definately would like to test it…


The many examples let you create strategies from the scratch.


our system allows you to import your theos and then execute around them. you can import your theos via a socket interface. we will then overlay your values to the market and look for opportunities.


we have an automated trader. it allows you to scan all markets. when a opportunity is noted a order is executed in under 10ms. we route through merrill and goldman. look at www.optionscity.com



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