Australia’s Venture Capital Providers

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2011)

Australia’s Venture Capital Providers

Australia has a fast emerging venture capital industry. It was only a small industry a decade ago, but it has evolved into a significant industry over the past few years that capital seekers should no longer consider. The mining boom in Australia has also created new wealth in some Australian societies, as well as the property boom. The venture capital industry has grown into 3 cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The industries that Australian venture capital firms are specialised in:

1. Mining related projects, this includes mining, energy and also mining-related services (such as engineering firms, drilling companies) and technologies.
2. Renewable energy projects – there are some successful Australian technologies especially solar energy and coal related energy projects 3. Biotechnology – Australia has been successful in developing some of the world-class biopharma companies, good examples are CSL, Cochlear and ResMed, many Australian biotech companies have been initially funded by its local venture capital firms 4. Internet – The investors are also very active in investing in Internet and digital media companies. Digital advertising agency, productions and social media are some of the most active investments 5. Traditional Businesses – Australian venture capital firms are also quite active in investing in traditional businesses, this involves in family transition / succession opportunities, franchises or retail industries.

There are some interesting facts about Australian Venture Capital investors:

1. They like to help companies to grow into international markets, as you need to become a global company in order to grow your revenue significantly 2. They are now investing into international opportunities – quite a few Australian VCs have opened their office in US, Asia and Europe (UK is where the HQs are most of times) 3. They are flexible in terms of exit strategies – there have been quite a few Australian companies deciding to take IPO abroad, this is particularly the case if they are in the technology, biotechnology or renewable energy industries 4. Australian venture capital funds also work with Australia’s superannuation funds, one of the largest industry (in terms of funds under management) in the world. A good example has been their investments in infrastructure sector, where superannuation funds have also participated actively.

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