Why does Microsoft .NET project always trump over R, Perl, Java, and even Python?

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2011)

Why does Microsoft .NET projects always trump over R, Perl, Java, and even Python?

I don’t get it, it seems I waste more time trying to figure out all this open source stuff with the lack of documentation or forums to comment about queries on something I need to do. I have scoured the net for what I need but I have been pointed to various languages like R, Perl, Java, and even Python. It seems I either go down the wrong path, tear my hair out trying to figure out the environment, etc.

I just found the equivalent in a .NET project. With sites like Codeproject.com, it makes .NET project a joy to work with well documented descriptions and comments from people. I just seem to get it working much faster than the others. I don’t get it, please someone explain.

I just wish the other languages had a great web site each like Codeproject.com or Codeplex.com. It would make life much easier but they don’t. Go figure.

For instance, R’s quantmod package was pretty sad with lacking examples. Screw it. Back to .NET I go.

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