Who are the leading vendors for low latency and where is the market heading?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2011)

Who are the leading vendors for low latency and where is the market heading?
I’m investigating on behalf of some major banks, looking into the 3 areas of market data distribution, multicast to unicast market data feeds and algorithmic trading – I would like to know which vendors lead the pack on each of the 3 areas.
Our Low Latency solutions are in production with major banks and HFTs. Please go to our website: www.velocytech.com and let us know if you require more information.
I’d be happy to outline our offering, NovaSparks deliver 100% FPGA market data tickerplants, with PCie, mutlicast and unicast outputs all supporting clients algo trading platforms. Our solutions are deterministic and offer level 2 order book processing in the 1 microsecond timescale. Please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like more information. I’m on
A few friends of mine are VPs at a company called Solace Systems (www.solacesystems.com). They make messaging boxes that translate market messages between formats (FIX, FAST, custom APIs, etc) and handle reliable delivery of messages, both unicast and multicast. Their’s is a low latency hardware (FPGA) based solution. The company is 8+ years old and seems to be doing fairly well.
Almost forgot, hope you find it useful for your study:

Rapid Addition (which for the sake of full disclosure is the company I work for) make the lowest latency software in the FIX arena – complementing the middleware offerings of companies such as Solace. The difference between us and others is that our latency is deterministic. Anyone can quote numbers but what counts is not just that they are low numbers but that the spread on the numbers is tight. We can take in a message, parse it, simulate an algo action, create an order and put it on the wire in sub 15us with a Std Dev of sub 1us… and we’ll be yet faster soon.
Several of those mentioned above and more will be at TradeTech Architecture this September If you are keen to come along to the event just let me know.


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