What back-end database server is preferred by you and your company?

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2011)

What back-end database server is preferred by you and your company?

It would be interesting to see what is used by others when it comes to a Database.

• Most of our clients use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle

I have used Sybase and Oracle, although the record locking logic is difference in theory, I don’t observe too much difference in performance (to be honest, I am not those who tune up every switch, it make system difficult to maint). However, I think Oracle has better store procedure syntax (Java is support now) design and a richer function library (but non standard).


At our company we are using SQL Server 2008 R2 with good performance results and little maintenance effort (we have no DBA, developers do the job).

SQL Server. I agree with Sotirios on the maintenance and its ease of use without requiring a real DBA.


Oracle 11g
Presence of a DBA is necessary , but it facilitates things instead of making them complex if developers manage the DBA task.



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