Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2011)
  • New blog post: Why does Microsoft .NET project always trump over R, Perl, Java, and even Python? http://is.gd/X0vk18 #
  • New blog post: Documentation and community support is very weak in R project http://is.gd/WJ5Ksr #
  • New blog post: Could Greek default lead to the next Great Depression if all of Europe fails? http://is.gd/Oz2gsv #
  • New blog post: R is being added to the mix of Java, Matlab, and C# for our automated trading and quant advisory service http://is.gd/Us8eCo #
  • New blog post: Right on! First model working against live market data is up http://is.gd/olJEPM #
  • New blog post: Quantlabs.net will be measuring daily S&P 500 index to help forecast your trading decisions http://is.gd/5lsuJz #
  • New blog post: Family Offices Alternative Investments http://is.gd/BD4lgB #
  • New blog post: Two Outstanding After Trading Hours Panel Discussions in Chicago & San Francisco http://is.gd/vvitdt #
  • New blog post: Join Me at the E/CTRM Technical Conference in Houston on July 21st http://is.gd/DvTwgl #
  • New blog post: So I dump another crappy open source Java project to replace with Microsoft .NET C# http://is.gd/nvp6hw #
  • New blog post: E/CTRM Technical Conference in Houston on July 21st http://is.gd/VJNVtZ #
  • New blog post: Brilliant trading Idea – Thoughts welcome http://is.gd/7wmOq2 #
  • New blog post: Quant analytics: How to Use Bollinger Bands http://is.gd/Q6Gg09 #
  • New blog post: Quant development: The New C++: Lay down your guns, knives, and clubs http://is.gd/ln4M2g #
  • New blog post: Quantlabs.net just join StocksTwits.com, kind of like Twitter for Traders http://is.gd/MoqH9O #
  • New blog post: FX: Who wants to learn about when to get in and out of certain Forex currency pairs automatically? http://is.gd/3qPPmr #
  • New blog post: RSS feed: See our model samples for our Quant and Technical Trading Daily Service http://is.gd/TVWlcj #
  • New blog post: Get registered for Professional Quant and Technical Trading Services before we jack up the price http://is.gd/GFhNkj #
  • New blog post: BPM Partners Whitepaper The Strategic Need to Automate The Last Mile of Finance http://is.gd/DWemdP #
  • New blog post: Quant development: C++ BOOST ASIO library for low latency communication.. http://is.gd/dgVMfi #
  • New blog post: Come hear how finance companies are using MATLAB http://is.gd/MPHavf #
  • New blog post: Databases at Risk (based upon a survey of 179 North American-based security professionals) http://is.gd/v4PrJx #
  • New blog post: Please bare with us if you find wierdness at QuantLabs.net. Our server is overloaded with traffic http://is.gd/XT4j96 #
  • New blog post: See latest A-Team white paper – Demystifying Exchange Colocation http://is.gd/KzPyAr #
  • New blog post: Is Quant job suitable for ladies? http://is.gd/gnwCjf #
  • New blog post: For hedge funds, seed capital is the new normal http://is.gd/qpwCRn #
  • New blog post: Quant analytics: feature dimension > size of training sample ??? http://is.gd/bnVMnU #
  • New blog post: HEDGE FUND RADIO on RESONANCE FM: Monday, June 13 http://is.gd/1Wp5mV #
NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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