.NET and C# convince me Java developers don’t understand how to document or comment, Microsoft .NET developers do.

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2011)

.NET and C# convince me Java developers don’t understand how to document or comment, Microsoft .NET developers do. Yeh them.

Continuing with this previous post below:
SO I dump another crappy Java project, replace with Microsoft .NET C#
I find it strange on this open source concept; I have supported an awesome running Java project. Once you start digging into the open source code to make changes, it proves difficult due to the stupid idiot contributor that they assume you can make changes without sufficient coding documentation. I can keep the software running which is quite good but the lack of third party support is pretty crap. I always find this with many Java and other open source projects. Why is that? After wasting a full day, I always find something from the .NET world which is fully explained and documented which gets me back on track. Why is that? It frustrates me a lot with all this different Java options for version control and IDEs. I just lose so much productivity but the .NET community just seems to get it these days. I am just saying as I observe it. Once again, I have been in the lost world of Java for over 7 years.
I have now convinced myself that after only one hour, I was able to resolve my issue with C# and .NET instead wasting time setting up some Java project. The support of documentation and community blows the doors off of any developer community for open source especially surrounding Java. It just seems the .NET and C# community really know how to extend projects and properly document for third party developers. Nothing frustrates me more than some shitty Java developer who just assumes we all know how to muddle through their crap lacklustre documentation of various version control and IDE platforms. Screw it, just stick with .NET and C# you will be more productive than, Also, my project is back on track. Thanks to Microsoft who knows how to do it.
Remember I am nowhere near a seasoned .NET or C# developer but WAS a 7+ year Java developer. Java has proven to be so old that it will waste your time compared to .NET.

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