My review of global stock exchanges that meet my standards of technical analysis indicators

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2011)

My review of global stock exchanges that meet my standards of technical analysis indicators

These were done today to see which global stock exchanges the QuantLabs.net Premium Membership services should focus on:

Priority exchanges:


This one is easy but not many alerts are sent out by my technical indicator which tells me there might not be as much volatility. Also, some major stocks were also identified as well which will be good.


This was not too bad with the exceptional of masses amount of penny stock mining exploration companies which could clutter up the reporting of the membership area. There may be some gems in there.


This is not too bad but reports a very small amount of large British based companies. It did report back some large Russian gas and natural based companies. Lots of unknown Middle East and Asian companies were identified as well. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) could be a very interesting exchange to report on.


Who knew there were so many tiny exchanges for literally every major city in Germany? As a result, this reported the largest amount of stock symbols based on that. There were tonnes of small unknown Asian especially from countries like Korea and China.


Australia and France were not as many as the priority. Switzerland had very few stocks matching the indicators. Singapore was surprisingly better but I am unsure which listed company is Singapore based versus something like China.

No reporting on:

Brazil, India, Korea, and Hong Kong came up literally empty. China reported everything in non English characters so I cannot use them.

As for the rest of which countries, the others are too small to focus on. Once we can improve our hardware and infrastructure, I hope to be able to add some of these countries in the future. Maybe by then, their exchanges will have more companies listed that will match our indicators.

Lastly, you are probably asking about Japan. Sorry, our software cannot work with Japan for some unknown reason but that is no major biggie as there are lots of exchanges listed above I can report on.

If you also want to know the indicators or software that is usee, nya nya I won’t tell you. The software is proprietary so I will not disclose that info unless you are someone from Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley who will flash me a few million dollars. Of course I can talk then. So there.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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