What is QuantLabs.Net? What is the future?

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2011)

QuantLabs.net is an online business which focuses on building trading models for the finance industry. Revenue model is subscription based with additional potential auxiliary revenue streams listed below.

Financial models are used to generate dozens of daily reports of high performing equities and other market securities to help traders, researchers, and analysts to optimize their trading decisions.

QuantLabs.net provides software as well as an online subscription service on a monthly basis to potential clients. The models are generated by leading software tools which makes QuantLabs.net unique as well as the web site contains other revenue based components of:

1.            Job board to help financial engineering students find work.

2.            Ad server to host potential client online advertising.

3.            Software products.

Also, the QuantLabs.net site contains:

1.            Portal for industry news

2.            Utilizes all leading social media outlets to enhance online relationships with potential clients.

Business revenue model is similar to Risk.net. There are some overlapping competitive comparisons to Wilmott.com and Quantnet.com

Major online website built with all major components listed above. The site collectively reaches 400 unique visitors daily on average. Linked In group of approximately 150 members including directors, and upper management executives from large investment bank firms including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, State Street, Lloyds, Citi, etc. QuantLabs.net will soon enter a private beta stage for monthly subscriptions with 35+ validated financial models. Ad server displays 5000 unique ad impressions daily. Site contains over 2500 unique postings with 650+ downloadable documents.  The founder also created a local Meetup.com group of 45 members.


There are funding limitations of specialized area staff to help scale business rapidly. Advice needed on highly experienced marketing and management experts to leverage business relationships to build long term stable client base.


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