Twitter Updates for 2011-05-12

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2011)
  • New blog post: Master's in High Frequency Finance http://is.gd/dx0zDh #
  • New blog post: Zero Latency, a Reality. IBM Aims to Replace Copper Chip Interconnects With Light http://is.gd/KxjhS5 #
  • New blog post: Is there any streaming tic data that is available for free? http://is.gd/UinQ8v #
  • New blog post: Algo in India Set to Double as Goldman, Nomura Fight for Pennies http://is.gd/d4IUzB #
  • New blog post: Latest Development in field of Pair Trading http://is.gd/hOTIQD #
  • New blog post: FREE high performance Monte Carlo simulation add-in for Excel http://is.gd/URbJuG #
  • New blog post: DevTeach – Who Should Attend? http://is.gd/hKRrCM #
  • New blog post: How many cores are needed to demarcate "High Performance" these days? http://is.gd/RHh0EQ #
  • New blog post: Has anyone experienced logic errors/deadlocks (system crashes) during LIVE algo trading? http://is.gd/bquxaJ #
  • New blog post: Can anybody suggest the name of companies offering a platform to automate strategies in India? http://is.gd/zJOitf #
  • New blog post: MARKET TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATION – London Chapter. (Free Technical Analysis Presentation) http://is.gd/BZjjnT #
  • New blog post: Seeking reliable technology platform for mid-size MTF and Smart Order Router http://is.gd/ZTAt9a #

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