stock screener in C# using SilverLight. (could use Java or anything else)

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2011)

I’m trying to build a stock screener in C# using SilverLight. (could use Java or anything else) Anyone have any info/links/videos on doing this with freely available feeds? Thanks in advance.

I use PERL to first download the NASDAQ 3000, then using the NASDAQ symbols I pull EOD data from Yahoo!. Once the data is local then I analyze. I’ve been working on a screener for several years (a pet project) and have yet to derive an analysis I like.

Hi, I can help you if you could be more specific. You may use Yahoo/Google – both have easy access from C#

If you don’t plan on keeping the implementation Windows-only, then I’d argue Java strongly at this point.

Prior, I have been a party to too many projects where they wrote for .NET, instead of Mono, and found out things won’t port. If you’re going to write portable C#, you want to start with Mono, not .NET.

But now, with Novell gutting the Mono team, and projects like Moonlight (open source SilverLight, which only runs on Win32) clearly in question, I’d argue Java is again at the forefront of any consideration for anything planning to be ported to non-Windows.

There are Linux-based and other non-Windows based turrets, thin clients and even an increasing number of locked-down desktops in the trading industry. Dependencies on Win32 (with native Win64 still being “flushed out”) libs is not ideal for longevity in my view

If your platform is .net, you should seriously consider F#. Relevant intro video here: http://channel9.msdn.com/blogs/pdc2008/tl11


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