Looking for aggregated Forex tick data in Matlab

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2011)

Looking for aggregated Forex tick data in Matlab

Data vendors, please spam me with aggregated Forex tick data offers dating back a few years (filtered or unfiltered)

Level2 isn’t needed.

Hi, try ratedata.gaincapital.com data requires some cleanup/filtering but available for G-7 major pairs and crosses back to Y2K. Spreads are retail market-maker spreads. Some chunks are missing before 2003 for some major pairs. By the way you will notice that after some point (I believe it is by 2004/05) they moved from storing even consecutive quotes to removing such cases and storing just consecutive different quotes. I suggest you to remove consecutive even quotes once you load the data into your database before scrubbing it as it will affect tick frequencies.

We are about to publish a paper based on this dataset on the volatility effects of macroeconomic data releases on high frequency exchange rates based on this dataset. Will post the link once available.

I wanted to let everyone know that our new servers located in NY4 are currently up and running successfully.

When you have your Algo running in our towers you will be just feet away from 13 multi-national banks’ servers which are fiber-optically connected to reduce latency. Your orders will be executed and filled within milliseconds.

Our new FIX API offers automated traders anonymity in the FX market. All orders are sent with sequential order ticket numbers. Every great automated trader knows that once s/he makes money – the banks widen that trader’s spreads or even shut them off. We never take the other side of a trade and we do not allow second looks.

Therefore, should you, or someone you know, have an automated/algorithmic system, they can have their program on a rack in the server-center. Thanks to the banks trading with one another, we have EUR/USD spreads that reach choice (0.0 pip) and even NOK/JPY around 0.7 of a pip.

We have all of the FIX API protocols to offer your programmers and you will no longer have to worry about being profitable, since the banks do not know who you are and therefore they cannot turn off profitable FX traders’ accounts.

The days of old are over. With us, every trader can be on equal footing with the banks.


y this. I have not checked the quality but apparently 1m data back to 2001. http://www.jeremywhittaker.com/2010/12/28/setting-up-metatrader-for-better-backtesting-quality/


Dukaskopy is good but the matlab script i created to download the data is ‘blocked’ after it pulls the first chunk.i suspect they block bulk downloads. Or it may be a problem with my connection. Does anyone know how to pull years of data from them?

For the sake of simplicity I ended up buying currency futures data from TickData. Not ideal if you’re going to do a very fast retail breaker type of code but it works well if you want to research and map out price action on MatLab.

i cannot see FX data on TickData website. do they sell it?

I was talking about CSV downloads from Dukascopy. The Historical Data Feed is different.

heck this web page out too http://www.forexrate.co.uk/forexhistoricaldata.php

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