I’m going to do an Quant pay survey, and would appreciate your input on how it should look

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2011)

I’m going to do an Quant pay survey, and would appreciate your input on how it should look.

This link is to a pre-release version of the questions I think should be on it.
I want to be able to draw useful conclusions, but not suck up too much of people’s time.
I will of course publish the results for all to see.

Please give me your feedback, feel free to click at it, but be aware it’s not the live version

Education should allow you to select multiple options, not just one

Yes, you are right, I’ve made that change, thanks.

You don’t ask what subjects people have studied ?

How can it be useful when what you nee to know is the result of a complex query like “if you did a PhD and work in Credit drvis, for three years what do you get ?”

I could ask what subjects you studied in one of two ways:
a) list all the combinations, and that is a large number
b) have a question on the subject you studied last, which do you think is better ?

hanks for conducting this intelligent survey. Will the results be shared with the group?

The base pay, bonus etc require positive numbers. I was not working last year.

the insurance industry is missing (and believe it or not, has a few quants…)

Nice work, Dominic.
I was thinking of doing a salary survey as well, but focusing on MFE graduates which are the core audience of www.quantnet.com
I look forward to seeing the final form this takes and maybe learn from the inputs here as well.

yes I will share the results and do as much analysis as I can on the data.

I will add insurance, this sort of feedback is exactly why I showed the before going live.

Surely the biggest hole is that you don’t ask for the name of the employer ?


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