Can anybody suggest the name of companies offering a platform to automate strategies in India?

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2011)

Can anybody suggest the name of companies offering a platform to automate strategies in India??

Is it important for a trader to give his trade secrets to a vendor in order to automate his strategies? or there are some companies in India offering platform to make and automate the strategies without disclosing them to the IT company?

Automating strategies need programming. If one is good in programming then one can develop system without the help of a programmer/IT company. There are Tradestation/ninja trader type of trading platform that support strategy development with minimum knowledge of underlying language. You can use Ninja Trader platform with Interactive Broker to test/implement the strategies.

We are an Indian Company dealing in IT Infrastructure for Dealers, Traders Brokers .etc. We offer a platform(Approved by NSE/Adhering to FIX Protocols) where clients can make there own strategies without knowing much with regards to programming. For more details you can visit our website www.symphonyfintech.com

financial technologies have some good api compatibility

Very interesting question. – In most cases, it is necessary to share the strategy with the programer/s without which they can not do appropriate job of converting the strategy.which can be implemented in the market place. There are few companies in Mumbai who can do the conversion job but in all cases, we have to tell the strategies to the programmers. That is the reason, most of these companies have good in-house programmers.

we are also looking for some set of programmers who can do this for us. We are based in Mumbai and have developed some very interesting strategies which give us very high Shapre

Aren’t you working with one of the vendors providing such platform.
Anyway, we are working on one such platform (in-house developed). Please do share the protocol info if you get any.

We can help you do that. We are a bunch of Ex-NSE/NSE.IT software developers working on an Automated Trading Platform. Send me a private message and we can take this forward

• Meridian Telesoft Ltd. (Ahmedabad, India) are the good vender. They have good softwares which are currenly live and use by people. I will send you contact details if you are interested

Celent India’s Report on Indian Electronic Tradinghttp://www.celent.com/node/28668

I am working for a leading Indian Vendor providing an all-inclusive algo Trading Platform on which Trader can develop his own Strategy, Back-Test and Optimize it and than Execute it in the Live Trading. Details of the company and Platform available at symphonyfintech.com

I suppose registration is required, but if i find a free link will send you

• Just a Query……Is automated trading strategy the Same as “Black Box trading” as suggested by Dr.Alexander Elder in his book trading for a living ?? Also, for someone just starting out in the trading domain…..having only some theoretical and nil practical knowledge…..what sort of trading packages are available in India?

In Elder’s word – Black box system tells you what to buy/sell and when to buy/sell without telling you why. In short, it just generates buy/sell signals. It still needs human intervention to place order and manage the trade.
Algo trading is lot more than that. Besides generating buy/sell signal, it also deals with order placement, order tracking, monitoring and modifying the orders if required without any human intervention.
Regarding software packages in India, it depends on what is your requirement. There are many technical analysis packages like amibroker, metastock etc, trading platform like mt4, ninja trader etc, are easily available. Some of the companies also sell blackbox system and algo trading systems.


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