Best platform for multi-timeframe, multi currency FX automated trading?

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2011)


Best platform for multi-timeframe, multi currency FX automated trading?

Hi, could anyone recommend an automated platform to trade several pairs based on multi-timeframe indicators ?

We’ve used the Dukascopy JForex platform for running institutional grade multi-timeframe FX strategies successfully.

correct in the sense Jforex is easy to use for coding and deploying MTF strategies, however, if you do decide to use Dukascopy just keep in mind that any simulated historical results are (at best) inaccurate, this is true on some other platforms as well and means: “don’t celebrate until the money is in the bank!”, in other words, keep you expectations on the low side before forward testing your model on a real account =)

Based on your initial question, the answer could be just any platform which supports indicators customization. So, the real question is how you estimate a platform as being the best, what are you criteria for such an estimation? Do you need to connect to arbitrary brokers? JForex can work only with Dukascopy (as far as I know), but for example Multicharts can work with Dukascopy and many others.



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