Seeking reliable historical data for quant development

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(Last Updated On: April 14, 2011)

Seeking reliable historical data

Of Currencies, Commodities, Indexes and Stocks.
I have developed a new semi artificial intelligent / learning Algo-Trading system capable of learning and trading on any type of financial asset.
In order to test it I built a simulator and have so far tested it with 5-6 years of several Currencies historical data (downloaded from a MT4 platform via EA).
In order to further test it I am looking for a reliable source to get historical every “tic” data starting from 01 Jan 2005 for a verity of Currencies, Commodities, Indexes and Stocks.
Any recommendations ?

I think I can help with most of the futures tick data from 2000 onward if in ASCII format if that’s ok, send me a private message

I also have developed a new system and looking for historical fundamental (i.e. quarter financial statements) for all the stocks being traded on US stock markets.
I have a quarter fundamental/historical/and other data for the last 3 years and yearly data for the last 12 years.
The data I am looking is quarter fundamental data for the last 12 years.

My system have started to run about 1 month ago and I publish a daily results and recommends for the next day on

My firm, FXCM (ticker: FXCM), sells an application that allows you to pull tick data or 1min and higher data for all of our trade-able currency pairs (about 50). The tick data goes back to 2008 for most pairs, and the 1min and higher data goes back to 2001. The one-time purchase price is $750 for the application, and you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life. I don’t have data for any commodities, stocks, or indexes though, just currencies. Private message me if you are interested. (Ronen, if you’re testing your system off the readily available data from MT4, I highly recommend purchasing this application to test your system on accurate historical prices; The default MT4 data is not 100% accurate, and will give you unreliable back-test results.

If anyone knows where to get clean daily data for the Asia-Pacific futures markets at a reasonable price, I would appreciate it

Contact Intractivedata people they have best source

I think this is probably the best data, although it is not cheap

This is a company of Richard Olsen, of OANDA fame.



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