Quantlib Build coming for Visual Studio 2010. Finally as Visual Studio 2010 is GA now

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2010)

Quantlib Build coming for Visual Studio 2010. Finally as Visual Studio 2010 is GA now

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VC++10 projects and solutions are now in the Subversion repository.  They
were generated by converting the VC++9 projects with the final VC++ 10
Express.  May you check that they work correctly?  Also, the conversion
didn’t provide x64 targets; I’d be grateful if you could add them.

not just the latest update.
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Submitted By: Craig Miller (c-miller)
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Summary: VS2010 QL solution, projects, and code changes

Initial Comment:
Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is on track to be a significant IDE improvement for multicore programming AND it free to use during the beta testing (release ‘might be’ in March).  There is some pain with the new compiler spewing new errors and warnings that did not appear in msvc-9.0, but I’m sure you expected that   :-0

New files include the QL solution, all project files, and some code changes (primarily needed to handle namespace collisions).  I’ve also included a Excel spreadsheet with the build output and a table to filter on the ~14 unfiltered warnings (lots of work to clean up, or filter).  The zip file is ~1.2MB so it is too large for uploading to SourceForge.  I’ll send a copy to Nando for circulation or you can send me an email at <craigwmiller@flxsa.com>.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, you’ll need to run a command lime build of the Boost Library using toolset=msvc-10.0 from both the x86 and x64 shell.  Remember to set unique target directories to avoid overwriting the files (x86 and x64 lib files have the same name).

Craig Miller

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