Quant analytics: The reason why Opentick closed. Affordable Minute tick data will never be possible

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2010)
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Quant analytics: The reason why Opentick closed. Affordable Minute tick data will never be possible

These are the words of a high profile data provider who reached out to us today:

Infrastructural costs are fairly high for high performance storage,
database, etc.
We are currently budgeting $50k for phase one.

I would like to charge $50 per month for the service which would provide
real-time access to tick, 1,5,10,15,30,60 minute bars. Data would be
provided through SDK and web service with json, etc.

Controlling the historical data is a big issue and is probably what killed
It's ok when someone downloads tick data for a few symbols and uses the data
for its intended purpose.
It's a different story when 100's of data hijackers start grabbing all of
your history for all of the symbols.

Unfortunately tick data is hugely valuable and expensive to get so when
someone offers it for a cheap price the results can be worse than a 90% off
sale at a department store - complete chaos...


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