Quant analytics: Matlab is my now my focus! Lower priority for Mathematica, Octave, Scilab, even R and Python

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2010)

Quant analytics: Matlab is my now my focus! Lower priority for Mathematica, Octave, Scilab, even R and Python

First off, let me say these other technologies including for Mathematica, Octave, Scilab, even R and Python are no worst. I just believe Matlab is very, very powerful for my needs. It also delivers as a standard in what large institutions use in terms of researching and prototyping. Also, Matlab’s vendor MathWorks has proven to deliver excellent documentation, software central, online videos and education, and so much more. It is expensive especially when you consider the required toolkits as well. It seems to be well worth spending. If you are about to launch a business, I see this investment no different when a store or restaurant invests thousands before they launch. It is just the cost of doing business especially my kind of business.

It seems these other tools, languages, and platforms may be fine, but I find Matlab always is mentioned in any of the above along with Matlab. As said, it is proven to be the standard. As for the open source versions of both Octave and Scilab, I have not seen the extensibility you get out of Matlab. I mean Matlab is fantastic there as well.

Also, it seems many argue that Matlab is slow. Have you ever heard of parallel computing? I mean that toolkit should deliver those needs. I also have seen metrics for both Python and R are painfully slow. Also, some say you can add Python with another framework to speed things up. Well, I get that out of the box with Matlab. Also, it seems there a fantastic supportive community out there but judging from other open source communities, I just don’t think neither will bring what Mathworks brings to the table.

I also I have not even mentioned Simulink, Matlab’s data connectivity features, compiling capabilities, or even the built in reporting documentation capabilities. Seriously, why would I use anything else?

As for Mathematica, I am sure it is fine but Matlab seems to deliver everything I need. Thanks to Matlab, I am very happy to part of what they deliver. Matlab seems to be greatest invention for us Quant wannabes.

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