Need to learn Linux or UNIX? Get UNIX Unleashed is the easily the best book for quants in Linux

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2010)

Need to learn Linux or UNIX? Get UNIX Unleashed is the easily the best book for quants in Linux

My version of this book is pretty old. It is the third edition but I have noticed that there are two more books from this original. According to Amazon, there is a fourth edition paper back which seems more geared to software development and the other is a hardback for administrators. The third edition is very old which might be dated somewhat as it does not include things like web services, and other modern components.

As it stands, this third edition I got is from 1998 but it is still one of the best ways to learn about core technologies found in Linux, HP-UX,AIX, or Solaris. These are still used throughout the quant world in large investment banks and even bulge bracket shops. So don’t think that the age of this edition is no good. I have seen many jobs from open source prop shops that require heavy usage of Perl, awk, etc. It even has decent section on C and C++. These are dated technologies from the world of Linux or Unix, but they are used throughout industry. You definitely need to have these skills if you want to go places.

Fortunately this book covers all those core technologies where you cannot learn elsewhere. It is very technical but very easily absorb. I also find this book could become a bible in understanding how Unix is set up with their account type, directory structure, named pipes etc, These are so important if you decide to venture into this line of work. There is a great topic on primitive kernel tuning. I have not seen any resource as detailed as this.

The fortunate/unfortunate aspect of this is that UNIX does not age too quickly as compared to Microsoft Windows or .NET technologies. Either way, you can do no wrong in getting this book. I would encourage those to find the third edition of this one. Don’t waste your time in any other books if you really need to learn about UNIX admin, networking, or development.


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